Why advertising in Freddy will work for You!

You need to get your business name, products, or services out to our community. We all know that.

So here are the reasons why you really should consider using Freddy Plus as part of your marketing plan ….

A 12 year + history – For a local publication to continue for this period of time tells you as a business that Freddy has been accepted, is enjoyed and is being read by your community and potential clients.

Consistent growth – This tells you that the commitment from our team to both our readership as well as our clients keeps our product relative to readers and profitable to our clients.

Over a million plus copies distributed – and counting. Yeah, this is us showing off a little bit because a million plus we think is a pretty impressive number. Even more impressive is that means this is working for our advertisers who have used our services to have their business message seen hundreds of thousands of times.

Loyal and growing readership – It’s pretty easy to put ink on paper and have people read it. It’s a different story to do it day after day, month after month, and keep people interested and reading. Freddy Plus has managed to do this, so if your message is part of what they are seeing that means increased clientele for you.

Loyal and growing business advertising base – Over 80% of our advertisers have been using our services for years. This means they understand the value in consistent advertising This proves that when advertising is done right, it is a very valuable part of their marketing solution that they will not give up.

 Online Promotion – In addition to the thousands of printed copies that we distribute we also give you multiple online promotional benefits:
  • Your logo on the front page of our website (freddyplus.ca) with a link to your website or your social media.
  •  Latest issue of Freddy is always available 24/7 online.
  •  Free online subscription and notification for our readers. This means many more opportunities for people to see your message.

It is a chosen form of advertising not a forced form – In today’s world it is hard to go a minute without having to be hit with advertising of some sort. This is forced advertising. A publication like ours is read by choice. Readers choose to pick up Freddy and read the information it contains. This is usually done in a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing the reader pay more attention to what they see and therefore retain more information.

Helps connect people to your online and social media marketing – Print and digital don’t have to be the bitter enemies that are portrayed in “e-reader vs. paper book” debates. Put your print materials to work for your digital campaign. For Local businesses like yours, Freddy Plus is a prime product to make this work for you.

Affordable for any business budget –  Let’s face a simple fact. Nothing you have just read makes any difference if it is not affordable. Freddy Plus was conceived with one main goal. To create cost effective advertising that will work for local businesses at a price point that will fit any business budget. If you can’t keep your message in front of your market consistently, it is impossible to make your advertising work.

 With all of the concerns facing you as a business owner or manager, let us make this promise to you:
We will work for you. You will never have to wake up wondering if your message is out there for your market to see.

For more information, give us a call, or contact us using this handy form!