Using PDF files

PDF files can be great, but can also give big headaches!

They are fine, provided all the information in them is not meant to be changed. As an example, when we receive a pdf for insertion into the Freddy Plus publication, our hands are tied as far as being able to make changes to your file.

If the pdf is not the exact right size for your ad space , it will end up being stretched, shrunk, or otherwise altered in shape, and won’t look like the original.

Another problem we run into is the quality of the pdf. Many times, pdf’s are created using lower resolution images from the web or elsewhere. They may look fine on your computer, but when printed, will lose their crispness and quality.

If you prefer to send pdf’s to us to use, please give us a call before you create your masterpiece, and we will provide you with the information you need to ensure there are no problems.

Remember – part of our service is the actual layout of your ad. There is not normally a charge for this, so why not let us do it for you?

Call us at 450-9810