One Good Ad should work, right?

You mean ONE ad? …..

Consistency is the key, so likely not!

Doing your advertising short-term is like taking a gym membership to get in shape, and quitting after the first lesson.

It’s a common thing that occurs over and over again to many businesses, both new and old.

Whatever you do, don’t jump into any ad campaign without thorough consideration and planning. When you bake a cake, you make sure you have all the ingredients before you get started, don’t you?

You should have an overall plan in place before doing anything, and any and all of your advertising should tie in together to give you your best results! And remember – consistency is the key to it all.

The Staff here at Freddy Plus would like to help you, so give us a call before you commit to any type of advertising.

No obligations – and we aren’t pushy!

A Sobering Thought ….

The first three months of your advertising campaign doesn’t pay off. It’s the fourth month when it starts working. Problem is, you HAVE to do the first THREE months in order to get to the fourth!