Typesetting: Forms, business cards, or anything else you need printed are designed in our own graphics department. Your design usually contains your company name, your address, name, and contact information such as phone, email, cell phone, and perhaps a fax number. Many people choose to ‘upgrade’ their design by adding photos and logos. The choice is yours! Our typesetting cost is $45 per hour, and we work fast!

Forms😕 Over a long period of time, we have created quite a few different forms, and may have something that only takes a few minutes to change using your information. If this is the case, it will keep the cost of typesetting down.

Full Bleed: occurs when text or graphics on the printed item goes right to the edge of the paper stock.

Carbonless Forms: Invoices, Purchase Orders, and other items are done on carbonless 2 or 3 part paper. (Glued in sets – white top sheet/yellow bottom sheet, or white/yellow/goldenrod if 3 part). Your forms can be consecutively numbered, and perforated where necessary. Perforating is necessary if you prefer to have your forms put into booklets (see below).

Wrap-around Covers: Your forms are put into a booklet. Before you write on a set of forms in your booklet, you insert the attached flap underneath the form you are using, preventing writing through to the form underneath. This is referred to as a ?wrap-around? cover. Your forms are assembled in sets of 50 forms per booklet (or 40 sets per booklet if they are 3 part forms). After you have written your form, you tear out the top white copy, and leave the other copy in the booklet. If your form is 3 part carbonless (white top, yellow middle, and pink bottom sheet), you can remove the white top, and if you wish, the yellow middle copy. Normally, the bottom pink copy stays in the booklet. It may also be pulled out if you wish.