Do-It-Yourself Ad Layouts

Yes, you can do your own Ad layout.

Many people do just that. However, there are a couple of good reasons not to do this.

  • The advertising company will usually have to modify what you did, even if it is just to get it in the proper format that they normally use.
  • Why pay someone when it’s FREE?  Most advertising companies already include the ideas, the layout and the design in the price.
  • A company selling advertising has likely done thousands of ads, and should know what will work and what won’t. You just need to ask. (Yes, you get to call the shots in the end!).
  • If an advertising business isn’t helpful when it comes to working with you on your ad – ie: figuring out what will/will not work for you, find another place to spend your hard earned dollars!

    Designing and creating an ad for yourself without benefit of wise and experienced council is very similar to playing poker….

“If you don’t know a straight from a flush, both poker and advertising can be very disappointing and expensive”.