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Please use this form to send in upcoming events for your organization. Once we have reviewed it, it will be scheduled into the next issue of Freddy Plus where possible.

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    • Community events are for non-profit groups or individuals who are holding events of interest in the local community. This service is not intended to help your organization sell it’s products or services.
    • Deadline for placement in the next month’s issue: usually no later than the 22nd of the month previous to the month of publication. ie: January 22nd for placement in the February issue. The earlier you get the information to us, the better the chances that it will appear in the next issue of Freddy.
    • Your event may also be placed on our website, and our Facebook page as a result of this submission.
    • Guidecraft Print & Media reserve the right to reject any submitted community event, for any reason, at their sole discretion.
    • What you submit here is what is printed. No proofreading for errors is done, so make sure your information is correct – we are not responsible for errors in content or in printing, or any other issues arising from publishing any community event.