Advertising – Are You Confused Yet?

There are lots of Advertising salespeople out there selling their services. “Spend your advertising dollars with us” is the general pitch. Most Ad salespeople want to show you just how effective their particular form of advertising is – over and above all the other types of advertising that are available.


At Freddy Plus, we won’t ‘sell’ you on any one particular method of advertising. Not even ours.

Your advertising is about providing information to your customers and potential customers. You need to make the best decisions possible with your advertising dollars. Whether that includes one form of advertising or not is obviously up to you as the person who makes those decisions.

Having said the above, however, advertising is one of the very important areas to which a business owner should pay attention, for without customers, you don’t have a business.

We hope that in providing our services to you, any advertising that you do will be all that much more effective. If you should advertise with us, we’ll make every effort to work with you and make sure your advertising dollars are hard at work!

Have a look around this site, and do talk to our professional sales staff. They have years of experience to share. Anything you can use and put into your toolkit, so much the better!

The Staff at Guidecraft Print & Media
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